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Club Social Events

The next club social event will be post-workout (about 5:15pm) ice cream at Toscanini's on SUNDAY, October 2th, 2016. Come meet your fellow workout partners and club members!

Recurring Events

Brand new students are are welcome at our Monday or Wednesday classes. Normal club practices are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

  • Wear comfortable clothes, such as a white gi and white belt if you have one, or a t-shirt and sweat pants. Remove all jewelry, watches, etc. Be sure to electronically sign the MIT Club Sports waiver for Jiu-Jitsu before beginning practice. Questions? Feel free to contact
  • To receive up-to-date and last minute correspondence about practices, seminars, hour changes, holiday closings, etc... please ask an officer or instructor to add you to the Jiu-Jitsu moderated mailing list. Or, e-mail requesting to be added.

Notable Recent Events

May 15, 2016: Congratulations to Tim Breitbach, Tony Jones, Ben Greenberg, Jesse Selover, Tal Unrad, and Ada Ren for their recent belt test promotions!


Is the highest award available both at the club and federation level. Each school is allowed to award one Bushido per year but, often, years will go by before anyone is qualified to receive it. The Bushido is an honor bestowed upon a student or instructor who has shown amazing dedication to both the club, its members, and to the art. To qualify for Bushido, a person must have outstanding character, and be the type of person, who, given a request for help from any of his colleagues, doesn’t ask why… just where and when.

  • Hongyi Hu

Student of the Year

Goes to the student who has demonstrated the highest dedication, progress, skill, and attitude as a student. Typically, this student has been in the club for a while, yet still shows the same enthusiasm now as he or she did when they started. This student provides an example to other students as to what instructors look for in an all-around student. They act as a mentor, while simultaneously maintaining the ‘empty cup’ philosophy.

  • 2015 Student of the Year: Tony Jones
  • 2014 Student of the Year: Laura Hallock
  • 2013 Student of the Year: Will Vega Brown

Instructor Choice

Is an award given mostly to high-rank students. It signifies a significant, long-term dedication to the club, its students, and its instructors. People who receive this award often do so much for the club, that we take their role for granted. However, their efforts and dedication is the heartbeat of the club, and without them, there would be no us. On the mat, they exhibit exceptional skills both as students, as well as mentors to less-experienced students.

  • 2013: Adrienne Bolger
  • 2012: Jonathan Morse

Above and Beyond

Is an award to honor students who have demonstrated a level of commitment to the club above and beyond the typical role of a student. While most students help out significantly with recruiting activities, some students stand out in their willingness to assist instructors both on and off the mat as well as with helping club officers to improve the club for all. To be eligible for this award, the student must have been a club member for the duration of the award year.

  • 2010: Steven Arcangeli
  • 2010: Elaina Chai
  • 2010: Will Vega-Brown
  • 2010: Michael Phillips
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